Vai fonts, 1830vers., 1950's (from Jensen), 1962vers(Dalby plus documentation
African Fonts
If you use the fonts my Papa made, please let me know.  Please let me know if you liked or disliked them.  Thanks.
Latest Revision:  2003-02-05
Bassa Vah fonts, print and written versions
(no documentation yet)
Bete font
(No documentation yet)
Kpelle font, Dalby '67, (Dr. Welmer's list & Lassort's list) (No documentation yet)
Loma font, (Dalby '67)
(No documentation yet)
N'Ko font 
(No documentation yet)
All fonts are copyrighted by GlavyFonts.  They are presented AS-IS.   They may not be packaged or sold without the prior consent of their creator, namely ME.  If you use these fonts in a book, I would very much appreciate a copy.  If I have left out any characters, please let me know and I will endeavor to correct that oversite.  If you need/want a keyboard driver or MAC versions please contact me via e-mail.
All of the above fonts are in TTF format for PC
Kevin Tomohiro
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Kisimi Kamara's Mende Script font
Dalby '67
(Includes full character repertoire DOC file)
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