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Javanese/Kavi Font Version 2.01 and Keyman Keyboard plus documentation(zip)
Note:  The fonts on this page were created by me, Jason Glavy (unless otherwise indicated to the contrary).  I own the copyright (see previous caveat).  In reality, if you take them an use them for whatever purpose you wish, there isn't much I can do to stop you.  I could ask you to send me money, but better than that, if you found these fonts of use, please give money to your local Church/Synagogue/Temple.  If you aren't religious, then buy a homeless person some food.   If you can't manage that, then just be nice to someone who you wouldn't normally be nice to.
Kevin Tomohiro &
Natalija Megumi

(my treasures)
Lepcha Font Zip file
Lepcha Font Documentation (zip)
Soyombo ttf font and documentation (zip) Now contains missing ligatures, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Tibetan letters.
Cambodian Cham font & doc. (zip)
Vietnamese Cham font & doc. (zip)
Another Cham font & doc. (zip)
*Note*  All of the above fonts are in TTF for PC format
Any comments/suggestions/requests, please contact me at:
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14 Unicode Opentype Lao fonts including Pali Letters Plus documentation (see faq page) seems that a number of people have accessed these fonts.  I do request now, that if you use my fonts, please let me know what application you used it in and if it is used in a book, I'd very much like a copy, considerring I am offerring these fonts for free..
Balinese font and Keyman Keyboard plus documentation (zip)
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Jurchen font based on the Jurchen Character dictionary (?????), plus PDF file character repertoire.
jglavyzzz@gmailzzz.comzzz (remove all zzz)
Note:  The Balinese, Javanese, Cham, and Lepcha fonts come with their own Keyman Keyboards.  To use these keyboards, you will have to download the Keyman program from  The Jurchen font is highly time-intensive, so making a keyboard for it is not possible at the moment.  If anyone wishes to tackle the project, however, I would be willing to assist.
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