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1. Most of the fonts I present here, I made myself. Glyphs for some of the Lao fonts, I did NOT make myself; however, I did add opentype tables to them and convert them to Unicode. All of the fonts work perfectly well in Open-office, but not in MS Word Xp version. Maybe Word with later versions of uniscribe will work better, but for now, to keep the tones from crashing into other letters, better use Open Office.

2. I have been getting a number of requests to TRANSLATE various phrases into the languages of the fonts that I have posted on this website. I wish it known that I DO NOT speak any of the languages these fonts represent (maybe with the exception of Japanese.… but then everyone speaks Japanese… don't they?). So, if anyone wants something written in the language in question, either send me a GIF/JPEG of how it is to be written, or how the word is pronounced then hope that I transliterate it correctly.

3. Why do I do this? Keeps me from taking up a nasty habit like Golf or Pachinko. Actually, I just like writing systems and have found that there is a lot of truly AWFUL fonts out there that people are asking money for. I think it is a shame for someone to try to sell a font that is crappy and/or incomplete (can you say AGFA Javanese?). I figure that I make these fonts for ME, and if anyone else finds them useful, then GREAT!!! I already stated the Financial Remuneration requirements for my fonts on the other pages, so there should be no need to repeat them here.

4. What's next? I don't know. I am partial to Southeast Asian writing systems… I like the roundness of them. Probably Thai LUE, Khuen, Pahawh, etc… I try to keep from reinventing the wheel unless that wheel is flat. (I mean making fonts that have already been made, unless those fonts are awful, e.g. a Bassa Vah font floating out there in cyberspace, as well as an N'Ko font out there)

5. Encoding - Whenever possible, I try to comply with Unicode 3.0 format. Many times this is not possible, as with my Lao fonts… in order to get vowel plus tone mark to sit correctly, I had to hide those compounds in the PRIVATE USE region of Unicode. For languages like BETE, All characters are located in the Private Use region of Unicode.

6. For Javanese and Balinese, the main problem has to do with the vertical stacking nature of consonant conjuncts. The programme I use to make my fonts (primarily Fontogrpaher 4.1) does not handle vertical alignments as well as it handles horizontal ones. So, to get a seemless consonant conjunt, I had to make ligature characters for all possible combingations… took a long time, but I am proud of the quality. It makes input using a Charmap programme difficult, but that is the nature of the beast. You are welcomed to create a keyboard driver for it if you wish. Tavultesoft has an exquisite one but it costs US$50, which I am not prepared to further invest in… yet. (if anyone wants to donate it to me would make me happy).

7. If somebody would like me to make a font for their particular language feel free to contact me. Be advised, I am not particularly keen on vertical scripts, especially those that connect (i.e. Classical Mongolian is a nightmare!!!). Also, I don't fancy making HANJA/KANJI type scripts.… considerring I DO have a life.

8. (2003/02/05) I have just uploaded a Mende font. The characters are all located in the "Private use" unicode range, starting at U+E000. I had made this font quite awhile ago, and finally got around to loading it up. I have done this for a few reasons: first, there are some Afrocentric sites assert that the Mende syllabary is very ancient and was actually used by the Olmecs. Besides being poor scholarship, this misguided notion about the KAKIKU syllabary is greatly disrespectful to the memory of it's founder, Kisimi Kamara. Secondly, I haven't been able to find a complete Mende font out in cyberspace that is complete, clean, and free, so I made my own and offer it here. Lastly, I came across some messages in some Afrocentric site guest books saying how they wished they had a Mende font. Well, here it is… enjoy.

9. (2006/04/28) For quite awhile, I have debated replying to a website that impuned my understanding and expertise regarding scripts. You may read it for yourself at http://differentmba.blogspot.com/2005/12/short=history-of=balinese.html. I quote "I eliminated Jason Glavy's work because he simily created fonts without any knowledge about the scrip". I had ignored this for quite awhile but through the prodding of a friend who pointed out that it might hurt a recent business venture I am a part of, I have decided to respond. Simply put, "Andersonite" hasn't a clue. Granted, he is Balinese, but beyond that, his ignorance and arrogance are phenomenal. While it is true that I do not speak Balinese, I DO have an excellent understanding of the SCRIPT. It is obvious that "Andersonite" is not able to understand that understanding the language and understanding the workings of the writing system associated with that language are independent of each other. The fact is, that in order to create a font, one MUST have a thorough understanding of the script, including its idiosyncracies… often beyond what a native user might readily recognise. Ignorance? Arrogance? I am not sure what prompted his remark.… in any case it shows that for what "Andersonite" lacks in scholarship, he makes up for in arrogance.