Hmong Fonts/フモン苗語フォント
Note:  The fonts on this page were created by me, Jason Glavy (unless otherwise indicated to the contrary).  I own the copyright (see previous caveat).  In reality, if you take them an use them for whatever purpose you wish, there isn't much I can do to stop you.  I could ask you to send me money, but better than that, if you found these fonts of use, please give money to your local Church/Synagogue/Temple.  If you aren't religious, then buy a homeless person some food.   If you can't manage that, then just be nice to someone who you wouldn't normally be nice to. Again, if you want to use any of my fonts for profit making ventures, you must contact me first and get my permission
My Treasures: Harumi & Kevin
*Note*  All of the above fonts are in TTF for PC format
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Ga Va Her's Sayaboury Hmong Script (Puaj Txwm) with documentation and references
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Pahawh fonts and keyman keyboards for Source, 2nd, 3rd, & Final versions
Phajhauj Paj
(Source Version)
Phajhauj Ntsiab Duas Ob
2nd stage reduced version
Phajhauj Ntsiab Duas Peb
3rd stage reduced version
Phajhauj Txha
(Final Version)
In all of the above fonts, there is a Keyman keyboard included.  As these fonts extend into the "private use area" of Unicode, you might not be able to use the keyboard in versions of Win under 2000.  As to the actual input; all keying is based on the RPA.  That is, type in the RPA spelling, and Keyman will spit out its renderring in Pahawh Hmoob.  Of course you will have to download Keyman at  If/when I have time, I will write a manual for the keyboard.  Right now, just remember, after typing in the RPA word, HIT THE SPACE KEY, the letters will then automatically change.

There are two other somewhat nice fonts for Pahawh out there (Naadas and Cwjmem) which I have thoroughly cleaned up and reordered to conform with my fonts.  I have uploaded them in zip files below. Each contains the 2nd through Final Version of Pahawh Hmoob

Note on encoding
- in order to keep unity between the various versions, I cannot use the proposed Unicode encoding, as they treat the letters as composites. You will notice that the keyboard for the  2nd, 3rd, and final versions are the same.  The Source version keyboard is different, as the numbering system is different from the others.
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